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Working as a freelance translator offers many benefits over translation agencies. Work is carried out at home, which allows out-of-hours translations, very fast turnaround if required, and higher quality. Also, no middlemen are involved. This reduces costs and eliminates delay.


Translation costs depend on the language pair, the type and size of the text to be translated and the delivery deadline. Cost is calculated, based on the word count of the translated text and payment takes place after the translation has been delivered. In case the text to be translated is over 2,500 words (~10 pages), downpayment in the amount of 30% of the agreed price is required.


Translated texts are delivered:

●   in printed or electronic form, by mail or courier service, or

●   in electronic form, by e-mail or fax.


Payment takes place:

●   by deposit in a bank account, or

●   by cash on delivery.